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How to Promote Your Scholarly Work

Congratulations on the acceptance of your scholarly work! The next step is to spread the word about it among your colleagues, patients, and families. Promoting your work extends the reach of your research and elevates the academic profile of your university. It is best to provide too much information early in the process than too little too late.

Create a Plan.

  • Understand your Persistent Identifiers
    • PMID: the serial attached to your entry in PubMed. All entries can PubMed can be found using the format, where the numbers are the PMID
    • DOI: a permanent link to your article on the publisher’s webpage. Searching your DOI in a general search engine such as Google or in PubMed will also bring up publicly available database entries for your article.
  • Methods
    • Link your Research Profiles to your web pages and e-mail signatures:
      • Create an ORCID. Somewhere between a LinkedIn and a PubMed author search, an ORCID account lets you tell other researchers about your research and career, and to track ALL of our research outputs, including posters, presentations, datasets, and other events that do not show up in a PubMed search.
      • Create a MyNCBI account. In addition to a better PubMed search experience thanks to saved preferences, a MyNCBI account lets you create a NIH biosketch and will connect to your ORCID for easy data population.
  • Track your Impact
    • Use the Metrics Toolkit to understand how different impact measurements work.
    • Set up a Google Scholar account and/or a Web of Science account to get notified when your work has been cited.


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