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How Study Team Roles Can Inspire Your Grant Success

Understanding who on your project team will be responsible for which activities and deliverables is essential before you can truly create an accurate budget. Take a moment to double-check your list of key personnel and make sure that every task and responsibility is accounted for.

  • You need to fully understand your Study Team Members and Their Role on your project before you begin writing the budget justification, consider these responsibilities.
  • Principal investigator Responsibilities
    • Fiscal
    • Legal, regulatory and institutional
    • Administrative and programmatic
    • Potential ramifications
  • Study Team Responsibilities
    • Review charges to ensure they have been posted correctly
    • Request corrections when necessary and in a timely manner
    • PI must sign off on monthly Client Statements allowing for the payment of clinical charges from research account
  • Fiscal Responsibilities
    • Study budgets approval and oversight
    • Approval of expenditures to Accounting
    • Approval of time and effort reports
    • Appropriate use of supplies, staff and company property for study purposes
    • Appropriate patient care billing
    • Re-budgeting as necessary
  • Legal Responsibilities
    • Notification that appropriate legal document is in place (CDA, DUA, MTA, CTA)
    • Knowledge of terms and conditions of contract/award
  • Administrative and Programmatic Responsibilities
    • Maintain high ethical standards
    • Ensure proper training and skills of study team
    • Execute ongoing progress reports on deadline
    • Ensure study records are properly maintained
    • Maintain COI reporting
  • Multiple Principal Investigators
    • The selection of the multiple PIs versus a single PI is your decision, and must be based on the needs of your research project. Although the number of applications submitted using multiple PIs is relatively small compared with those within the traditional single PI, the impact of the research supported through multidisciplinary efforts can be significant. The multiple PI option can facilitate multidisciplinary and other types of team science projects that are not optimally served by the single PI model. Consider this approach carefully before deciding to have more than one PI.

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