Grant Writing

Organizational Detail in Grantsmanship

While it is not necessary to overwhelm your reviewers with information about your institution, you do want to sell the need for your project and the institution’s ability to support you and your team in carrying out your research project. Information is easily obtained through the Research and Grants office or by looking through the website which lists all available resources.

  • Describe¬†how your institution came into existence; state its mission, structure, relevant programs, leadership and any special expertise that is relevant to your project.
  • Next, explain the specific programs and departments that are relevant to your project, focusing on their dedicated goals, a strong history in your field, educational talks and ties to the community regarding your area, and any collaborative relationships the department may have which will be helpful for your project.
  • You will also want to include information on the various resources available to your research team and will help ensure project success.

Further Reading

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