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It’s October, How are Your 2018 Goals? 20 Goal Ideas for 2019!

One of my goals for October is “What goals have you not accomplished yet?” There’s also a corresponding goal beneath it that says “Start goal planning for 2019.” Have you checked-in with your goals lately? Do you know where you stand? The year’s not over yet!! There’s still time to dust off those milestones and start something amazing.

(P.S. It’s that time of year to send in speaker abstracts for all the spring annual meetings! Check out SRA and NCURA to fill out your speaker proposal forms! You can do it! I have faith! Let me know if you want to collaborate on something!)

Here are 20 goal ideas for next year:

  1. Quarterly Reports
  2. Space Reports
  3. Rework Vision Board
  4. Attend ‘____’ Leadership Workshop
  5. Draft Manuscript for ‘___’ Journal
  6. Submit Abstract for Research Month Poster Session
  7. Submit Promotion Packet
  8. Submit Abstracts for Spring Annual Meetings
  9. Chat with ‘___’ about Career Goals
  10. Update Social Media Platform
  11. Write Down ‘WINS’ for Employee Annual Review
  12. Find a New Mentor/Mentee
  13. Learn Office 365 Teams
  14. Write Thank-You Note to Colleagues
  15. Complete Leadership Certificate at ‘__’ Conference
  16. Research & Download New Productivity Apps
  17. Write Philosophy of Teaching Statement
  18. Initiate ‘__’ Association Local Chapter Event
  19. Attend TEDx Conference (Solo Vacation)
  20. Plan for Grant Submission

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