First day of school! First day of school! First day of school!

I am the biggest nerd, I know, but I am so excited for today. Technically classes don’t start until Monday, but the courseroom (with syllabus and eBooks) is already open (I checked at 5am on my day off) and I have the entire weekend blocked for some quality pre-reading.

Fall is for a new school year. Period. The last few years have been terrible fall seasons without pens and notebooks and interesting discussions. This is why I’m going back to school. This feeling right now, pure joy at knowing that classes start TODAY!!!

Seriously, I know there are more people like me out there. You can do this. You can get your PhD. Check your employer’s tuition reimbursement policy. You might be suprised! I’m going for zero student loan debt for this degree. You can do this, too.

The best things about a new school year are:

  1. Smell of wood pencil shavings
  2. New package of colored Sharpie pens
  3. New and pressed college-ruled notepad
  4. Perfectly setup file folder tree
  5. Gloriously detailed syllabus
  6. New calendar, waiting for due dates
  7. List of exciting research topic ideas
  8. New overear headphones
  9. New touchscreen convertible laptop
  10. First ever daycare study day
  11. Cold air, warm sweaters
  12. Fresh coat of green paint in the office
  13. New cozy bowl chair with fuzzy blanket
  14. Ridiculously fuzzy area carpet
  15. Dark chocolate kisses and almonds
  16. New library card
  17. Panera Bread gift card
  18. New water bottle
  19. New BOOKS
  20. Peace of mind tuition reimbursement
  21. Course phone apps
  22. Assignment count-down apps
  23. Color-coding by course
  25. Learning something I never knew was possible and finding out how truly amazing this beautiful world truly is.

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