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4 Phases to Quick Strategic Planning Refresh

Does your office need a strategic refresh? Consider doing a short four-phase review of the goals and needs of your department.

Phase I: Background and Needs Assessment. First you need to do a background and needs assessment for your office. What are the immediate needs? What are the special issues? Are all your resources centralized and cohesive?

Phase II: Re-Branding. Next, you need to consider your communication strategies and your immediate partnerships–how do you want to brand your office and your services?

Phase III: Implementing a Cohesive Brand of Programs in Core Areas. Once you have organized your brand and services, you need to begin implementing those changes throughout every core area.

Phase IV: Ongoing Evaluation Strategies. Last, you need to continue to review and evaluate your plan to ensure future success.

Article publié pour la première fois le 11/07/2018

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