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What I’m Reading, What You’re Reading: Books on Leadership, Ethics, and the Human Journey

I’m always reading two books: one audio book and one physical paperback. (I’m an old soul at heart and I love the smell of paper.) I just finished “Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments: A Stone Reader” and was completely enraptured with the complex arguments. Almost every section contained at least one thought-provoking essay filled with juicy conversation starters. So, next on my paperback list is the sister publication “The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments.”

I’m currently re-listening to “The Book Thief“, one of my all-time favorite books and an Audible-best read in my opinion. And next up on my audible list is the Great Course, “Heroes and Legends: The Most Influential Characters of Literature“. I’m excited to get lost in my favorite and timeless characters and see the impact they’ve made on history in a new light.

Here is a short list of the books in my wish list:

What are you reading? What do you recommend?

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