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A day for BBQ Stains, Sunshine, and Deep-Fried Twinkies

Soldier's Feet and Camo Bag against Concrete Wall

Labor Day: a day for BBQ stains, loud family parties, and the occasional ill-prepared parade around Main Street in the town square. There will be sweet treats and everything in sight will be promptly breaded and deep-fried. The dogs will take pleasure in the warm sunshine on the back deck and will be vigilant for fallen scraps of food. And children will squeeze in every moment of joy on the last day of summer freedom.

Today is a day that is meant to honor the American workforce that contributes to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. And while it is not traditionally a day meant to honor our military, I find myself thinking of the soldiers who will not enjoy the company of their family, the warm sunshine, or the tangy smell from the deep-fryer today. Every moment of every day there is a soldier who is deployed, a soldier who is standing at his post, or working at his desk. Many do not recognize holidays, because danger doesn’t take a day off.

So today, if you have a moment, write a card, letter, email, or prayer message of appreciation for our military and send it to:

A Million Thanks

17853 Santiago Blvd.


Villa Park, CA 92861

A Million Thanks supports our active, reserve, and veteran military by sending millions of letters of thanks an encouragement directly to our service members. It is their goal to see that our military – active, reserve, and veterans – receive these messages, whether they are serving at home, abroad, or are injured in hospitals.

Enjoy the holiday, and be safe!


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/09/2015

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