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15 Professional Trends for 2019: How to Shine in 2019

Each year we are met with new trends in technology, education, research, and healthcare that shape the next year of innovation. I have collected the top 15 trends for 2019 and reported them here for you. With each trend, I have included a tip on how to integrate this trend into your daily professional life.

  1. Data Metrics – Become data-savvy and integrate meaningful crisp insightful data into your work.
  2. Autonomous Things– Spend time finding ways to automate your own work and process flows.
  3. Return on Investment – Include a pay-off paragraph in every email, what does your boss get out of it?
  4. Less Social Media – Pull back from social media, post only the most relevant and poignant information.
  5. Streaming – Find alternative ways to present content such as storyboarding or wideos.
  6. Social Purpose – Brand your professional life in an authentic way with a little bit of humor.
  7. Communication Skills – Refresh your email etiquette and emotional intelligence.
  8. Gamification – Build a reward system (badges, leaderboards) into your project management plan.
  9. Learner-Centric – Focus less on the content and more on the learner’s experience during meetings.
  10. Digital Delivery –Communicate more through the cloud, Office 365 Teams/SharePoint, less emails.
  11. Process-driven –Build an adminsitrative support system around an efficient and accountable process.
  12. Asset tracking – Consider the lifecycle: maintenance, use, repair, transit, and storage of all new purchases.
  13. Drones – Look at the big picture to see the end goal and then zoom into the details to prioritize. 
  14. Privacy and Ethics – Reign in the gossip and guard your tongue.
  15. Microservices – Think of your job as a strong platform to support smaller component services that can be sold individually as needed, in other words, be flexible but incredibly organized and convenient.

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/01/2019

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