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Reblog: “10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try” by Nicole Osztrogonacz

Today’s blog is a reblog “10 Study Techniques Every Student Should Try” by Nicole Osztrogonacz at: 

I’d like to share this article I found recently that shares study techniques. If you are studying for a certification exam, for the GRE, or if you’re still in-school working on that degree–here are some helpful tips. I particularly enjoyed No. 5 – never thought of trying that before!

  1. Use a different color for each course.
  2. Listen to classical music.
  3. Try to practice your muscle memory.
  4. Use mnemonic devices!
  5. Record yourself.
    1. Record yourself reading questions based off of the material that your class covered during the semester. After every question, leave maybe a 5-10 second pause so when you listen later, you have time to come up with an answer in your head. After that pause, speak the answer. When you’ve finished the recording, listen to it when you go jogging or want to give your eyes a break.
  1. YouTube.
  2. Take exercise breaks.
  3. Whip out the camera.
  4. Take advantage of your talents.
  5. Make studying fun!


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