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10 Professional Trends for 2020: How to Shine in 2020

Each year we are met with new trends in technology, education, research, and healthcare that shape the next year of innovation. I have collected the top 10 trends for 2020 and reported them here for you. With each trend, I have included a tip on how to integrate this trend into your daily professional life.

  1. Better, More Purposeful Content – Think of your job as a strong platform to support smaller component services that can be sold individually as needed, in other words, be flexible but incredibly organized, purposeful, and convenient.
  2. Transparency and Traceability – Find ways to make your work more transparent and traceable, such as creating a flow chart or process chart for your most repetitive tasks! Data Metrics – Become data-savvy and integrate meaningful crisp insightful data into your work.
  3. There is no Silver Bullet– We have all fallen victim to the hope that there is one magical way to get everything done. In 2020, start slightly improving each area of your life with small incremental improvements that will stand the test of time. Hyper-Automation – Spend time finding ways to automate your own work and process flows.
  4. Multi-Experience – Begin to experience your world in different ways, from virtual reality of the future to your traditional 5 senses.
  5. Brand your Social Purpose – Brand your professional life in an authentic way with a little bit of humor.
  6. Multiple Communication Skills – As voice commands grow in technology, we as professionals need to learn how to  leverage more communication channels.
  7. Personalization-driven – Try to find ways to personalize your process to your customers, even if it’s finding a signature way to start or end your emails to let your PIs and coworkers know that you are thinking about them.
  8. Asset Tracking – Consider the lifecycle: maintenance, use, repair, transit, and storage of all new purchases.
  9. Privacy and Ethics – Reign in the gossip and guard your tongue.
  10. Video Content & Visual Storytelling – Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate our lives, find a way to bring video education into your repertoire this year.

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