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Helpful Reblog: Writing Prompts for Great Grant Writing

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“Writing Prompts for Great Grant Writing (or any nonprofit writing)” by Lauren Brownstein was published on August 19, 2015 on Lauren Brownstein’s LinkedIn published posts at:

Writing Prompts for Great Grant Writing

  1. What if the need for your program didn’t exist?
  2. Set a timer for 60 seconds. Write as many words as you can think of that describe your organization. No phrases, just words.
  3. What would one of your organization’s clients/patients write in this proposal? Could you ask one for a quote?
  4. Someone says “I didn’t know your organization did that!” Why did they say it?
  5. Write a testimonial quote from a disgruntled client, patient, parent, or supporter.
  6. Your organization is releasing  album. What’s the album title, and what are the titles of five of the songs on the album?
  7. Five words that best describe how your organization’s beneficiaries or patients feel.
  8. Start/Stop list: Five things your organization should start doing, and five things it should stop doing.
  9. Tweet your proposal: sell the idea in 140 characters. It’s harder than it sounds!
  10. Find a magazine. Open it to a random page, which has a photo or other image. How does that image relate to your cause or organization?
  11. Write five one-syllable words that describe the cause/need your organization addresses.
  12. What’s the first thing your organization should spend $100 on?
  13. What does your organization have in common with winter? With summer?
  14. Write an online dating profile for your organization.
  15. Write an obituary for your organization.
  16. Fast 15: Five sounds, tastes, and smells that describe what your organization does.
  17. What should be the last sentence of this proposal?
  18. Finish this sentence from a donor/supporter: I support this organization because…
  19. Nonprofit haiku: Write a 5 syllable/7 syllable/5 syllable poem that describes your organization or cause.
  20. Talk to me like I’m five-years-old: Explain your organization’s work to a five-year-old child.

These prompts can help anyone in your organization (division, department, marketing team, Executive Director, board members, and more) think creatively about how they describe your organization and its work.

Take a few of them for a spin, and see if they set off some creative sparks!


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