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yellowflowerAdministrative Professionals work to help foster ideas into reality. I work as a Senior Administrative Assistant at a place where the craziest ideas become reality every day. At my work, scientific researchers are seeking to expand our understanding of how the body works on the most fundamental levels, and to discover innovative approaches to the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases. Although I am not holding the pipette and I cannot even pretend to understand the articles that I edit, each day brings a new challenge and a sense of achievement.

I have worked in a research-oriented facility as an administrative assistant for seven years, although it was only last spring that I started in my current position. I support three Principal Investigators and two research laboratories. I work to support two research laboratories in everything from typical administrative organization and logistics, to submitting grant proposals, and working as a copyeditor, website designer and scientific illustrator. As a part of my position, I also work as an Editorial Assistant for the leading scientific journal. And, I have just recently received my Missouri Notary Public commission for Jackson County, Missouri.

At night, I’m moonlighting as a Graduate Student working to gain my Master of Science in Administration, with a concentration in Research Administration. Within two years I plan to sit for the Certified Research Administrator exam and earn my CRA Certification. With my CRA I will be able to do more with Grants Administration, which is a huge part of my work. Once I finish my degree, I hope to obtain an administrative position within a research-oriented university.

On the only rainy day in a record drought, I was married to my wonderful husband in a beautiful outdoor country wedding. My husband works in downtown Kansas City. He is also moonlighting as a Graduate Student. (Our idea of a romantic night is a Homework Date complete with laptops and scientific calculators.)

We currently live in Missouri and our dogs are our children. We have a two-year-old 90 lbs. Great Dane, who is part Clydesdale. And her older brother, a 7 lbs. miniature dachshund, who is part chipmunk. We are avid campers and kayakers. When we are not at work, we are usually studying. When we are not studying, we are on one of the area lakes relaxing and fishing.

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