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Opps! Didn’t Mean to Send that Email!

We’ve all sent the “oops” reply, stating in embarrassed tones that it was an accident and please ignore.

I’d like to show you a trick today on how to avoid this upsetting and potentially career-damaging move. In Outlook, you can setup an Oops! Rule so that all email messages go out two minutes after you click “Send.” Then you’ll have two minutes to recognize any errors … and save yourself the embarrassment.

How to Create a Rule in Outlook:

1.Under Outlook Home Tab, under Move, click “Rules.”

2.Click “Manage Rules and Alerts.”  Then click, “New Rule..”

3.Click in the bottom category “Start from a blank rule” on “Apply rule to messages I send”.  Click “Next.”

4. Apply no specific conditions, check no boxes, and hit next since we want it to apply to all messages.

  1. Select the bottom option:  “Defer delivery by a number of minutes.”  Set the number of minutes to 2 minutes. Click “OK,” then “Next.”

6.Name your Rule. Click “Finish.” Click “Apply.”

Now all messages will be held in your ‘Outbox’ for two minutes before being sent. If you do happen to send one you want to pull back, just go into your Outbox folder and delete the message before your two minutes are up. No more email mortification!

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/03/2020

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