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Certification Programs to Boost Career Development

As a young professional, I’m always looking for ways to further my professional development and learn different skills. Sometimes, having an outsider’s validation of your knowledge is one of the key elements to a successful resume. Recently I’ve been looking into getting certified as a specialist master in Microsoft Office 2010, otherwise known as an MOS. This certification is easy to get, if you know your way around Office programs, and it’s something simple you can do to boost your resume.

Microsoft has different levels of certification. So, if you just want to certify in Word, you can. Or you can take it up a notch and do two programs, such as Word and Excel. The highest level of certification is the Office Specialist Master (MOS) and you must pass a test in: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and then an additional test from either: Outlook, Access or SharePoint. When you complete the tests required for your certification, you are certified for life for that program. For example, if you test for Office 2010 – you’re certified for life for 2010. If you want to be certified for Office 2013, you have to retake the tests. Make sense?

Have you ever considered a certification program to boost your career development?


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