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SRA Monday: Happy Families and Time Management

Keynote by Spanky and Marsha

Favorite quotes:

  • We “built a career in not knowing anything first hand–we used to know stuff, now we just know how to find stuff.”
  • “Collaborating is like joining the nudist colony, you’re either all in or you go home.”
  • “Show up! Work! Be smart! Be brave!”

“One Big, Happy Family: Strategies for Working Effectively with Others” presented by Jennifer Easley, CRA, CFRA and Darrell Easley, Mississippi State University

Work may be more similar to family than you may realize. You’ve got family who want to argue with you over your decisions. You’ve got family who want to come tell you every time something happens, good or bad. You’ve got family who only need you when there’s an emergency. You’ve got family who must have things “just so.” And, then there’s crazy Uncle Larry, who does and says things you never expect. In order for us to be effective research administrators and leaders we must understand how to work with all of our “family members”. Understanding others’ behaviors can help us to be better communicators, better coaches, and better resolvers of conflict. Utilizing the “Dominant”, “Influencing”, “Steady”, and “Compliance” (DISC) model, this session will discuss some different behaviors people exhibit, how to best work with those people, and how to set boundaries so more meaningful work gets accomplished, even if crazy Uncle Larry decides to show up unannounced.

“Leadership Assessment and Development for Research Administrators” presented by Philip Cola, PhD, Case Western Reserve University and Adrienne Dumke, MBA, University of Louisville

The climate in today’s research organization is about performance and results. Do you have the skills and influence to get team members to the next performance goal or benchmark? Effective leadership requires proper visioning to execute essential leadership skills and behaviors. This session will discuss a contemporary leadership theory and principles behind motivation, shared vision, job satisfaction and the effects on performance. This session will examine organizational leadership attributes and behaviors, as well as, diving into leadership skill development while building your own personal leadership strategy. Participants will have an opportunity to complete an experiential exercise during this session.

Later this afternoon: “Time Management – So Much to Do, So Little Time” presented by Domenica Pappas, CRA, Illinois Institute of Technology

Why does it seem like the never is enough time in a day to do all the things that you need to do! This session will discuss the concept of time and look at some techniques and best practices to manage time.

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