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Okay, as far as Harry Potter goes, I was a late bloomer. Most people my age have been reading Harry Potter their whole lives. I, on the other hand, grew up in a house that shunned the world of magic. So, I first read Harry Potter (no joke) my freshman year of college. My roommate was shocked and disgusted that I had no idea who HP was and immediately lent me all the books to read over Christmas vacation. I actually replaced the dust-jacket covers on the books to a more Christian oriented reading so I could read ALL the HP books in one week at home over winter break. And so the obsession began. I’m not the least bit embarrassed to say I watch the movies at least twice a year and read all the books at least once a year (rotating between audio and paperback).

And so, with this not so audacious introduction, I’m pleased to announce I’ve discovered the “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” podcast. Again, several years too late, but I’ve found it a most pleasant way to spend my commute to work each morning and so, I eagerly pass along this pearl of joy to you.

Download the “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” on your podcasts. Make it part of your routine. See what you find, discover and uncover about yourself and this world we live in.


Article publié pour la première fois le 05/10/2018

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