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10 More Opportunities to Grow Your Network and Make New Friends

I’ve been focusing on ways to grow your network and meet new people at work. Collaborators and new colleagues are the best way to stimulate new creative ideas! And new ideas are the best way to grow not only your own career, but also yourself as a person. Here are a few more ideas on how to grow your professional network:

  1. Stop using the word ‘networking,’ you are making new friends and meeting new people.
  2. Make your presence noticeable. Use the same photo, name, and identity on all social media sites.
  3. Attend networking events online & offline.
  4. Hang out at the same places the people you want to connect with hang out.
  5. Don’t always take — give as well. Ask new colleagues if you can help them with anything!
  6. Be a good listener.
  7. Never be afraid to ask.
  8. Always think about long-term relationships. How can you work well with this person over the next 10 years of your career?
  9. Follow up with everyone you connect with. Keep the contact fresh in their mind, and in yours.
  10. Ask your department chair or someone in leadership for suggested contacts.


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/10/2018

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