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How can Research Administrators Encourage Faculty Development?

Have you considered how research administrators can encourage faculty development? Research is a very important part of the faculty portfolio and a key element for promotion.

Consider how you might play a bigger role in one of these 5 areas of faculty development:

  1. Mentorship, Membership, and Certification
    1. Mentorship Program
    2. Society and Association Membership
    3. Advanced Education Support Program
    4. Portfolio Program
    5. Inter-Professional Working Groups
  2. Skill-Building Seminars
    1. Just-In-Time Training
    2. New Faculty Orientation
    3. Workshops and Events
    4. Writing Center
    5. Faculty Development Month
    6. Scientific Writing Workshop
  3. Promotion and Career Lifecycle
    1. Promotions
    2. Appointments
    3. Retirement, Exit Interviews
    4. Faculty Pathways
    5. Promotion Workshops
  4. Work-Life Balance
    1. Family Resources
    2. Time Management
    3. Leadership Development
    4. Stress Management
    5. Financial Planning
  5. Diversity
    1. Barriers To Faculty Development
    2. Development Resources
    3. Importance Of Scholarship
    4. Leadership Development
    5. Mentor Guidelines On Diversity

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