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25 Foolproof Professional Goals for the New Year

Professional Goals for the New Year

  1. Track A New Metric / Start Collecting A New Data Point
  2. Initiate A Local Chapter Event For One Of Your Professional Associations
  3. Attend A Local TEDx Event
  4. Plan For A New Grant Submission
  5. Submit Abstracts For Annual Conferences
  6. Shadow Someone At A Partnering Institution
  7. Update Your Resume And Portfolio Binder
  8. Submit A Manuscript To Peer-Review Journal
  9. Apply For A Leadership Training Program
  10. Setup A Digital Workflow
  11. Make A New Friend
  12. Storyboard 2 New Research Ideas
  13. Write An Sop For Knowledge Management For Your Office
  14. Read More Scholarly Articles
  15. Migrate Files To Cloud Storage
  16. Revamp Your Social Media Empire
  17. Define All The Roles In Your Life
  18. Boost LinkedIn Profile
  19. Find A New Job
  20. Start Leader Standard Work and Weekly Review
  21. Listen To A New Podcast
  22. Do A Personality Test
  23. Host A Workshop
  24. Plan A Registry
  25. Make A Vision Board

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