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Writing Fantasy Emails: 5 Anger Management Tips for Work

Have you ever written an email when you are angry? It’s normal, just don’t send it for 48 hours. When you get bad news at work, take a minute to manage your stress and get through the rest of the day with grace. Here are a few other tips on managing a bad day at work:

  1. First, take a few deep breaths, get up and out of your seat and change your environment as much as you can.
  2. Mentally count how many hours you have left in the day before you get to go home. Try to make a plan to fill every single minute until you have to leave for the day.
  3. Vent to a trusted friend—just keep it short and private. End with a good hug and some laughter, if at all possible.
  4. Keep a file of ‘praise’ emails when you did a good job and someone recognized it—read them all on bad days. Keep a list of accomplishments and read it on bad days. Share one of your accomplishments with your boss, if you can manage it.
  5. Choose a calm activity for the afternoon and keep your nose down—can you do a literature review of a big problem your office is trying to solve? Libraries are quiet and remote. A great place to recollect yourself.

But, all this being said, if you do end up sending that email in anger, just make sure that you also send an email your boss to let them know they may hear some backlash…


Article publié pour la première fois le 16/05/2018

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