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The Commonplace Bullet Journal (CoBuJo) is still one of my favorite self-care and creative activities. It keeps me sharp, organized, and focused.

The first page in my CoBuJo is my Core Values and Guiding Beliefs. This page continues to be my guiding ‘north star’ for everything that I do.  I write about how to generate your own core values and beliefs in the blog “How to Define Your Personal Core Values and Why it Matters.”








I would recommend that everyone takes the Gallup Clifton Strengths test. It’s often a more valuable exercise than just taking another personality test. 

I also recommend that everyone begins cataloging their specific skills set. You’d be shocked at how quickly the list grows! HINT: A quick way to look find a list of your skills, or skills you should be focusing on learning, is to browse job descriptions in your area.

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