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25 Ways to Be More Ladylike

Okay this has nothing to do with research administration. And, it will completely isolate my male audience. But, nevertheless, it’s a topic that needs to be approached. Ladies, I beg of you, strive to always be your best self and put your best foot forward. Being ‘Ladylike’ is not a dying art.

25 Ways to Be More Ladylike:

  1. Sincerity, Merge honesty and kindness
  2. Simplicity, Simple is more elegant, less complicated
  3. Sympathy, Choose kindness, act tenderly
  4. Serenity, Accept your situation, focused and meaningful life
  5. Gracious, Always sincerely grateful
  6. Leader, Set precedent, use influence to do good
  7. Steadfast, Always consistent across time and circumstance
  8. Self-Aware, Aware of the experience others have with you
  9. Hospitable, Ensure your guests are always comfortable
  10. Temperate, Discipline and self-control
  11. Original, Have role models, but never copy or compare
  12. Appearance, Take pride in your look at all times
  13. Learned, Always learning, remain teachable
  14. Noble, Always do the right thing
  15. Grammar, Proper grammar and speech at all times
  16. Posture, Straight up, relaxed shoulders, head held high
  17. Style, Have a signature style, stick to minimalist dress
  18. Jewelry, Simple but elegant accessories, coordinated
  19. Routine, Create routines to waste less time
  20. Nails, Clean, neat, round, and painted at all times
  21. Optimism, Don’t dwell on worry or drama, find joy
  22. Healthy, Healthy foods, 96 oz of water daily, stretches
  23. Goals, Yearly, monthly, weekly goals
  24. Creative, Hobbies, illustrations, fresh air and sunlight
  25. Hair, Cut, styled, neat and tidy, and perhaps colored


Article publié pour la première fois le 14/09/2018

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