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Inspire the Perfect Curriculum Vitae

The range of variation that the curriculum vitae permits is truly astounding. And, in our line of work, it’s common to find 70-90 page CVs for our established investigators.  Common formatting dictates a 1″ margin on all sides with a legible and standardized font. However, when it comes to section headings–there is room for personalization. Sometimes, a little too much room.

No one knows what the perfect combination of headings and sub-headings is for your personal CV–it’s your life, your work, and you should organize it in whatever way displays your best achievements.

Here are a few section heading ideas to inspire you to craft a perfect CV:

  1. Personal Data
    1. Address
    2. Phone
    3. Date Of Birth
    4. Marital Status
    5. Citizenship
    6. Licensure
  2. Education
  3. Current Appointments
  4. Past Appointments
  5. Professional Experiences
  6. Teaching Experience
    1. Undergraduate
    2. Graduate
    3. Guest Lecturer
  7. Mentoring, Dissertation and Thesess
    1. Dissertations And Theses
    2. Comprehensive Examination and Graduate Supervisory Committees
    3. Research Mentor and/or Independent Study Supervisor
    4. Supervisory Experience
      1. Junior Faculty
      2. Post-Doctoral Fellows/Basic Science Supervision And Mentorship
      3. Graduate Students
      4. Undergraduate Research Projects
      5. Summer Students
      6. Graduate Students
  8. Committees
    1. Student Advisory Committees
    2. University/Hospital/Local Committees
    3. National/International Committees And Editorial Boards
    4. Meeting Organization Committees
  9. Clinical Experience
  10. Honors And Awards
  11. Editorial Responsibilities/Grant and Abstract Reviewing
  12. Grants (Direct Costs)
    1. Peer-Reviewed (Active)
    2. Peer-Reviewed (Completed)
    3. Foundation
    4. Industry-Sponsored
    5. Grant Support Under Review
    6. Grant Support in Development
  13. Publications
    1. Original Research
    2. Review Articles
    3. Editorial Review
    4. Case Reports
    5. Chapters
    6. Digital and Electronic Contributions
    7. Manuscripts in Preparation
  14. Invited Presentations
    1. Original Research
    2. Professional Education
    3. Community Education
  15. Presentations and Symposia
    1. Abstracts
    2. Media Appearances
    3. Presentations and Symposia Under Review
  16. Other Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions
    1. Patents
    2. Innovations
  17. Community Service
  18. Hospital/Unviersity Service
  19. Professional Affiliations
  20. References





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