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Update to Leader Standard Work for Research Administrators

This is an update to the “Lean “Leader Standard Work” Sheets in Research Administration” post from June 2016.


The Leader Standard Work sheet is a double-sided printed sheet that you carry with you and take notes on throughout the day. This sheet acts as many things—your daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists, reminder of organizational goals, and coaching notes for your employees. Chances are good that, for better or for worse, you are already doing all of these things in other systems.

The usual template that comes out of the box from your employer usually doesn’t fit the life of a Research Administrator. Several years ago I outline some customizations to the Leader Standard Work to help make the sheet more functional for our daily work. Over the years, I’ve made a few more changes that I’d like to share with you.

My Leader Standard Work sheet includes the following fields:

  • Front:
    • Monthly Commitments (i.e., Orientation for new researchers)
    • Follow-Up / Waiting On / Escalated Items
    • Icon Legend
    • Daily Commitments (i.e., meeting prep, to-do list audit, submissions check)
    • Weekly Review (i.e., Capture, Reflect, Review method)
    • To-Do List
  • Back
    • Monthly Goals and Committments

I found that tracking my monthly goals in a highly visible way was more productive than tracking other things individuals on several separate lists. The backside of my Leader Standard Work is now one big calendar with lines under each month for goals and deadlines. It’s easier for me to track the year as a whole, and funnel monthly goals into my daily to-do list as things progress.

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