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38 Questions to Ask when Joining a New Team

Joining a new team or division as an administrator can be complex and difficult. Personalities range across specialties, organizational/filing strategies (if they exist) are often vastly different, management styles are unique to each director, and institutional knowledge takes time to learn. Here are a few simple and easy ways to orient yourself to a new team as an administrator:

Did your orientation cover the following?:

  1. Team members’ histories
  2. Shared drives and files
  3. Mail, shipping, and FedEx procedures
  4. Team’s communication strategy, fax and phone systems
  5. Travel policies
  6. Major conferences and classes for the specialty
  7. Inquire about the CME and competency requirements for the specialty
  8. Physical office space, is there a blueprint available?
  9. Office hours and personal schedules
  10. Parking availability
  11. Recurring meetings, events and their purpose
  12. Current and proposed grants, projects, and programs
  13. Staffing, research effort reported
  14. Publications, eLibrary, Endnote citations libary
  15. Vendors, ordering, services
  16. Website
  17. Outlook distribution groups
  18. Conference rooms
  19. Budgeting, expense and purchasing authorizations
  20. Team social events
  21. Timecards, HR, talent management
  22. Strategic initiatives
  23. Long-term storage facilities
  24. Office supplies
  25. IP, patents, licenses
  26. Manuscripts in development
  27. Policies, procedures
  28. Administrative support staff
  29. REDCap, survey/software access
  30. Legal contracts
  31. Marketing, branding strategy
  32. Data storage
  33. Collaborations, contracts
  34. Business cards, letterhead, signature, communications
  35. Personnel delegation chain
  36. Databases
  37. Philanthropy relationships
  38. Downtime procedures

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