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Building Good Work Relationships: It’s not who or what you know, it’s who knows you.

At the SRAI Conference in April, someone said that:

“It’s not what you know or who you know, it’s who knows you and is willing to answer your phone call at 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon.”

We all like to think that competence is the key to success, but if it is, it’s only in the very long run over the lifetime of a career. But an empty success of being famous just to be famous with well-known incompetence is not a worthwhile life either. There needs to be a balance between knowledge and relationships–good knowledge and good relationships.

What do you believe? Is it who you know? It is what you know? Is it who knows you? Or, is it a healthy mixture of all three?






Article publié pour la première fois le 02/05/2018

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