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Fixing an Ineffective Computer File Folder System

Desk with Wood AccentsOne of the most frustrating things in today’s modern office an ineffective filing system. How many hours have you spent in a hopeless frantic search for documents that you thought were safely saved?

As an Office Manager, I have an extensive electronic filing system to ensure that all my documents are properly stored and saved. Over the years, and through many departments, I’ve expanded and refined my organizational system. Today, I’d like to show you a glimpse of how I organize my computer files in hopes that it gives you inspiration and hope for your own files.

  • Accounting
  • Administrative Reference
    • Conference Planning
    • CVs and Resumes
    • Instructions/Job Aids
    • Policies
    • Templates or Forms
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Extramural
    • Council
    • Work Group
  • Facility
    • Maintenance
    • Renovation
    • Security
  • Human Resources
    • Recruitment
    • Staff Administration
    • Staff Development
    • Team Socials
  • Information Systems
  • Legal Affairs
  • e-Library
  • Meetings
  • Research and Grants
    • Accounting
    • Compliance and Ethics
    • Education
    • XYZ Grant
      • Accounting
      • Audits
      • Data
      • Enrollment
      • Protocol
      • Reportable Events
      • Sponsor
      • Study Documents
    • Unfunded or Closed Awards
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Members
  • Computer Utilities
  • Jane Doe (Your Name)
    • Certification
    • Correspondence
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Mentorship
    • Personal
    • Personnel File
    • Portfolio
    • Scholarly Activity
    • Travel

Article publié pour la première fois le 31/08/2015

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