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The Top 10 NSF “Big Ideas”

In 2016, NSF unveiled a set of “Big Ideas” — 10 bold, long-term research and process ideas that clearly outlined the areas for future investment. With its broad portfolio of investments, NSF is uniquely suited to advance this set of cutting-edge research agendas and processes that will require collaborations with industry, private foundations, other agencies, science academies and societies, and universities and the education sector.

The Big Ideas represent unique opportunities to position our Nation at the cutting edge — indeed to define that cutting edge — of global science and engineering leadership and to invest in basic research and processes that advance the United States’ prosperity, security, health and well-being.

4 Research Themes:

  1. Building the human-technology partnership
  2. Augmenting human performance
  3. Illuminating the socio-technological landscape
  4. Fostering lifelong learning.

6 Research Ideas:

  1. Harnessing Data for 21st Century Science and Engineering
  2. Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Shaping the Future
  3. Windows on the Universe: The Era of Multi-messenger Astrophysics
  4. The Quantum Leap: Leading the Next Quantum Revolution
  5. Understanding the Rules of Life: Predicting Phenotype
  6. Navigating the New Arctic

4 Process Ideas:

  1. Mid-scale Research Infrastructure
  2. NSF 2050
  3. NSF INCLUDES: Enhancing STEM through Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Growing Convergent Research at NSF

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