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Versions: Is your lifesaver turned on?

Remember when you were working on that business letter for three hours until you had all the wording just absolutely perfect and then you went to go and print it and your computer decides that this is the perfect moment to crash and die…  all your hard work down the drain.  If you’re working in Microsoft Office Word, your fears are released.

Let me introduce you to Versions. It’s a wonderful thing if you have it turned on and know how to use it.

If you are working on a document for more than ten minutes, and you close it without saving, the application will automatically be able to recover the last auto-saved document. There are times when Word quits unexpectedly that when you open the program again it will automatically ask you if you want to return to a previous version. However, what happens when it doesn’t ask? You can setup your auto-save options so you will always be able to recover your lost documents.

Go to File\Options and click into the “Save” side bar.  Within the top category you will see options to have AutoRecovery turned on. Check this box!! You can dictate how often Word automatically saves your documents here as well. The standard is every 10 minutes, but if you are prone to forgetfulness, you can drop it down to as low as one minute. (I would recommend absolutely no lower than five minutes though.)

Be sure to check the box for “Save the last auto saved draft if I close without saving.” You can also choose where your computer saves these backup documents. Note the file path where it automatically places them, or ‘browse’ to designate your own spot.

Zink Disclaimer: Please consider version draft documents as volatile and do not depend on them being there, this is a last resort recovery function!

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/09/2013

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