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Why Superstars and Leaders Leave, A Reblog

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Ron Edmondson found 7 reasons leaders tend to quit:

  1. They couldn’t live out their personal vision – Leaders are internally driven. They have personal visions in addition to the vision of the organization.
  2. They were told no too many times – Leaders have ideas they want to see implemented.
  3. They felt unappreciated/never recognized for their abilities -– This goes for all team members.  People need to know that what they are offering is valued.
  4. They were given no voice – Leaders want input into the direction of the organization.
  5. They were left clueless as to the future of the organization – Leaders need inside information so they feel ownership in the overall direction of the organization.
  6. Their vision doesn’t match the vision of the organization – This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but is best discovered before the leader joins the team.
  7. They were micromanaged – Leaders don’t need managing as much as they need releasing.  Leaders need to help chart their future.


Article publié pour la première fois le 13/07/2018

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