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Creating an Administrative Education Program: 10 Elements to the Perfect Manual

Have you considered making an administrative staff education program? An education program for your administrative staff will ensure consistent administrative support across all departments and divisions and will work to reduce duplication of efforts, increased operational efficiency, and advanced information management. The development of a written administrative operations manual will also ensure consistency throughout the department. This program could provid continuing education on emerging issues and new technologies, and allow for a better understanding of motivators of high-functioning administrative staff members. Overall, the program would lead to improved communication and interaction between the Department and administrative staff to establish a better working environment.

If you are considering creating a administrative staff manual, here are some elements to consider:

  1. About
    1. Mission, Vision, And Values
    2. History
    3. Department
    4. Locations, Contact Information, And Building Abbreviations
  2. Accounting
    1. Cost Approval Overview
    2. Receipt Requirements
    3. Most Commonly Used Expense Account Codes
    4. Check Requests
    5. Petty Cash
    6. Employee Reimbursements
    7. Ordering System
    8. Honorariums
    9. New Vendor Setup
  3. Conference Rooms and Meetings
    1. Overview of Meeting Coordination
    2. Reserve a Conference Room
    3. Meeting Minutes
    4. Meeting Agenda
    5. Conference Room Listing
    6. Conference Room A\V Requests
    7. Video Conferencing with Employees
    8. Phone Conferencing
    9. Events Calendar
  4. Education
    1. External & Internal Training
    2. Tuition Assistance Program
    3. Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    4. Educational Lecture Series
  5. Human Resources
    1. Parking
    2. Key Request
    3. Employment Information
    4. Paychecks
    5. Timesheets and Leave Balances
    6. Time Clock
    7. Attire
    8. Calendar and Holidays
  6. CV and Resume
    1. Manuscripts
    2. Poster Presentations
    3. Requesting Library Articles and Literature Searches
    4. Liability/Malpractice Insurance
    5. Memberships
  7. Purchasing
    1. Office Supplies
    2. Business Cards
    3. Food and Catering
    4. Flowers
    5. Computers, iPads, and Computer-Related Equipment
    6. Lab Coats
    7. Letterhead
    8. Printer/Copier Toner
  8. Resources
    1. Website, Tools & Apps
    2. Internal Directory
    3. Safety and Security
    4. Safety Contacts
    5. Emergency Codes
    6. Inclement Weather
  9. Technology
    1. IT Helpdesk Support
    2. Telecommunications Helpdesk Support
    3. Remote Computer and Network Access
    4. Phones
    5. Pagers
    6. Mail
    7. Computer Security
  10. Travel
    1. Travel Reimbursement
    2. Hotel and Lodging
    3. Mileage and Per Diem Rates for Reimbursements
    4. Visiting Guests

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