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Just-for-Me Training: Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Just-in-Time Training Program

Seminar Annoucement: I’ll be speaking at the 2018 SRA Midwest/Southern Section Meeting in St. Louis next week! Stop by to hear “Designing a Meaningful and Helpful Onboarding Program for New Researchers” at 3:45pm in room Sterling 6! Hope to see you there!

Are you preparing to launch a Just-In-Time program to complement your research education program? Here’s an example of a program affectionately called JiTTeRS. Just-in-Time education needs to follow the needs of your audience and be flexible enough to handle any situation that may pop up. Here are a few categories to consider for your own program development. Just remember to be flexible and adaptable and understand the goals of your program at each stage and in each situation.

Just in Time

  • Immediately Before The Task
  • One Skill
  • Event-driven
  • Performance Driven

Just in Place

  • Where The Work Gets Done
  • Development of new skills to be immediately used
  • Context-based
  • Task-Oriented

Just in Case

  • Development Driven
  • Equipped for non-specific situations
  • Equipped for unexpected situations
  • Learning

Just Enough

  • Only What’s Needed For Individual, Personalized Success
  • Performance Driven
  • Event-Driven

In Just the Right Context

  • Personalized For This Situation
  • Event-Driven
  • Developing
  • Experience-driven
  • Relationship-Oriented

I Just Don’t Know

  • Learning
  • Giving Information
  • Empowering
  • Absorbing Information
  • Comprehensive set of skills
  • Goal of increasing skills and abilities










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