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Project Management Skills CANNOT Be Overrated

Project Management skills are elements that touch on every aspect of your academic life: grant writing, clinical responsibilities, quality improvement goals, publications, etc.

Project is a temporary endeavor with a start and a finish when all project objectives have been met. It creates a unique product, service or result transition and follows organizational procedures.

A project can create a Product, Service, Improvement in an existing product or service, or a Result, such as an outcome or document.

A Project has a specific scope and may have a program with portfolio objectives.

Here are some quick and dirty steps to Project Management:

  1. The Overview
    1. What are the five stages of project management?
    2. Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.
    3. The five Project Management Process Groups are Initiating, Planning, Directing and Executing, Monitoring and controlling, and Closing.
  2. Basic Principles
    1. What are the basic principles of project management?
  3. Understand the Gantt Chart.
    1. Do you know how to make a simple Gantt Chart?
    2. Make a list of everything that you plan to do. Estimate how long it will take you to do that thing. Put everything in order. Reduce the list (without losing any specificity) by combining tasks.
  4. Understand the different Project Management Plans
    1. How many project management plans do you need?
    2. The project management plan is the document that the project manager creates to describe in more detail the planning of the project and its organization.
    3. The project management plan consists of the cost baseline, project schedule, and the scope statement, in addition to various management plans, and the human resource plan. Once completed and approved, all project activities are completed under the project management plan.
    4. As a living document, it is updated to reflect the current project status and should reflect a reasonable and realistic forecast of project completion.
  5. Glossary of Terms
    1. How can I use the glossary to sound smart?

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