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50 Ways to be More Resourceful at Work

Being resourceful is one of the most important skills of 2019. Being resourceful means having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

50 Ways to Be More Resourceful

  1. Be Macgyver and use every tool in your toolbox
  2. Don’t reinvent the wheel 
  3. Leverage your network
  4. Learn everything you can about how to find information
  5. Teach resourceful habits to your family and your team at work
  6. Bend the rules
  7. Look for the common good
  8. Don’t apologize unnecessarily
  9. Burn ships and turn challenges into advantages
  10. Play a few hands at once
  11. Dare to ask for what you need
  12. Be open-minded
  13. Have confidence in yourself
  14. Think creatively
  15. Take action now, not later
  16. Never, never, never give up.
  17. See the glass as half full
  18. Be self-assured
  19. Be imaginative
  20. Be proactive
  21. Put work into your relationships
  22. Be honest about your weaknesses
  23. Focus on getting things done
  24. Don’t take shortcuts
  25. Optimize your systems
  26. Be realistic
  27. If it’s free…use it!
  28. Run experiments and flip ideas
  29. Embrace different ways of learning
  30. Solve problems flexibly
  31. Let go of your own agenda
  32. Walk leaders through scenarios
  33. Delight in what you don’t know
  34. Establish rules as a team
  35. Keep on improving yourself
  36. Set goals
  37. Analyze every problem before acting
  38. Learn how to maximize on what you have
  39. Think of ways you can add value to your role
  40. Identify creative ways to use your free time
  41. Develop a multitasking culture
  42. Acknowledge the difficulty or challenge
  43. Stay calm when difficult times come
  44. Plan ahead
  45. Push beyond your comfort zone
  46. Keep busy
  47. Make challenges a game
  48. Seek help (and also give it)
  49. Know when to bail
  50. Take responsibility

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