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SRA Tuesday: STOP the Goat Rodeo

“Launching STOP within your organization” presented by Gloria Greene, MA, CRA, University of Alabama in Huntsville

The session will take a look at the STOP principles and how understanding them and acting on them will improve your overall interaction with others and minimize work related stress, that tends to follow us home.

  • Seek Understanding
  • Take action
  • Open your mind
  • Practice Patience and Flexibility

When we are stressed, it’s very hard for us to communicate with each other. When we don’t trust one another, it’s very hard for us to communicate with each other. You have control over one person: you. Practice open and sincere communication.

“This Isn’t Our First Goat Rodeo” presented by Jason Claes, MBA, MSM, GRCRA, University of Cincinnati and Jennifer Barrows, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Switching from one institution to another or even changing departments within the same institution is hard enough. But trying to adjust can be difficult because of the new group or organization’s processes or idiosyncrasies can be a challenge to grasp. This session will focus on basic practicalities of how adjust with cultural and operational changes all while not feeling stupid.

“Managing a Multi-Generational Diverse Workplace” presented by Gloria Greene, MA, CRA, and Laurel Long, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Why is diversity so challenging for many organizations and leaders? Because it’s more comfortable to be with people who think and act similarly. The confrontational aspect of different viewpoints is complicated and harder to manage. A diverse team provides the opportunity for the unique strengths of each team member to be leveraged. The greater the diversity, the greater the breadth of strengths available. Each diverse team member has strengths that can compensate for the shortcomings or blind spots of other team members.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/04/2018

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