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SRA Sunday: Superheros and Leadership

Welcome to the SRAi 2018 St. Louis Conference! If you’re here, drop me a note and let’s have coffee! I’m excited to meet and chat with you. I’ll be speaking at the 3:45pm session in Sterling 6 tomorrow afternoon. I hope to see you there! Until then, here are some notes from today’s workshops.

“Research Administrators and Superheroes: A Shared Skill Set” presented by Kim Carter, CRA, CPRA, CFRA, and Sean Scott, CRA, University of Kentucky.

What’s the difference between a good research administrator and an extraordinary one? Superhero skills! Superheroes use laser-focused communications and flexible thinking. They are exemplary leaders who know the secrets to influencing others. They understand the importance of teamwork, agility and adaptability. Most of all, they relish going to work every day. Join us as we channel our inner superhero and learn how to demonstrate the same soft skills as a superhero.

Shared skills to keep in mind:

  • genius-level intellect
  • microscopic and telescopic vision
  • detective skills
  • superhuman durability
  • recognizes the importance of humor
  • able to play many roles
  • quickly processes information and rapidly responds to changing situations
  • harnesses technology/needs technology to survive
  • understands the value of research

“Leadership Bootcamp” presented by Marianne Woods, PhD, JD, Johns Hopkins University and Susan Sedwick, PhD, CRA, Attain LLC

This workshop focused on enhancing and building our leadership skills through a leadership boot camp experience. We learned the difference between leadership and management and how to build and lead a successful team. We discussed the challenges faced by leaders and how to handle those challenges.

What’s in store for tomorrow?

8:00am  Welcome Breakfast

9:30am  One, Big Happy Family in Regency E

11:00am  Leadership Assessment in Regency E (or the Journal of Research Administrators Learning Cafe!)

12:30pm  Lunch Break!

2:15pm  Time Management in Regency E

**At 3:45pm join me in Sterling 6 for my session on Designing an Onboarding Program!! I can’t wait to see you there!**


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