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How to Write a Strong Detailed Workplan and Deliverables Schedule for Your Grant Application

Use the project management skills for determining work activities to list every activity associated with each of your deliverables, then list who is responsible for each activity and estimate the time it will take to complete each activity.

  • workplan is a hierarchy of project deliverables and their associated components or activities. You have already begun to lay the groundwork for a workplan in the previous sections of the grant. In this section you will:
    • First, determine the purpose of your workplan,
    • Your individual deliverables,
    • All associated components and activities for each deliverable,
    • The total time you have to achieve the overall project, and
    • The time you have to complete each deliverable.
  • First, list your first deliverable.
  • Then, list all components required to complete that first deliverable.
  • Then, list all activities required for each of the components.
  • Then, sequence the activities in order they need to be accomplished.
  • Repeat for each of your deliverables.
  • When you have finished all of your deliverables, use the information to input the deliverables, components and activities in sequential order into a Microsoft Excel graph.
  • Using a table format (usually no page limit), list the deliverables and a schedule for completion of each deliverable.
  • Stop and Consider:
    • Remember that your available resources may only be available only during specific time frames.
    • List any time constraints that you may be dealing with.
    • Some activities may be able to overlap and be completed at the same time, and other components will not be able to start until after previous activities have been completed first.
    • Think carefully about the sequence of activities.
  • Provide a written description that explains the workplan and outlines how the project will be implemented over the X-year period.
  • In the budget, associate each of the deliverables to a specific dollar amount if possible.

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