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Dance Around the Issue, Research Shows It’s Good Exercise

Dance around the issue. Dodge the issue. Sidestep. Waffle.  Beat around the bush. Circumvent. Cop out. Elude. Give the runaround. Hem and haw. Lay low.

Most of us know that avoiding the problem only makes it worse—however, there is research that says that taking a mental break is crucial to managing multiple responsibilities. The paper, by Cheng and McCarthy suggests there are benefits to stepping back and actively taking your mind off your responsibilities.

“Avoidance in terms of taking a mental break is so crucial to managing multiple responsibilities as long as it doesn’t cross over into wishful thinking,” says Cheng.

They found those who actively took their mind off their problems were better able to manage those multiple responsibilities and experienced increased levels of satisfaction than those who simply hoped the problems would go away.

So, there you go, there’s finally proof that dancing around the issue actually is good exercise.



Article publié pour la première fois le 14/05/2018

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