Academic research can be a hard and difficult road. This page contains resources and other professionals which I have found useful and supportive.

If there is a page or service that you think should be included, please contact me. It is important to note that I do not charge money for anyone to advertise on this page, but this also means that I do not promote everyone who sends a request. I carefully curate these resources to make sure I am directing clients to reputable sources and suppliers.

Holly Zink Workshops & Resources

I visit other universities and do workshops for researchers of all ages and stages. Below is a list of workshops and lectures I can do live, via Zoom or Teams. You can see more of my teaching materials and offerings on my Competitive Advantage page.

Scientific Writing: Out of the Drawer and #Published

This short workshop series is designed to help new academic writers become outstanding and persuasive scholarly communicators. Each of the workshops in the list below runs for one hour online. Each session can be run separately, or stacked together into a one or two-day intensive workshop:

Pre-Writing Activities

  • How to Develop a Research Idea
  • How to Search the Scientific Literature
  • How to Select a Target Journal
  • How to Setup a Digital Workflow
  • How to Outline a Manuscript


  • How to Write an Abstract
  • How to Write the Background
  • How to Write the Materials and Methods
  • How to Write the Results
  • How to Write the Discussion
  • How to Prepare Effective Illustrations
  • How to Revise a Draft

Scholarly Communications

  • How to Submit a Manuscript
  • How to Respond to Reviewers
  • How to Promote Your Scholarly Work
  • How to Deliver a Research Presentation
  • How to Design a Research Poster

How Long and How Many?

Each workshop module goes for one hour and the number of participants is only limited by your Zoom or Teams capacity. I’ve delivered these to 60+ people at one time, so I do not limit the number of participants, but the more people that you have, the less personal attention I can give.

Participants should have their own internet-enabled device and copies of their work in progress (if applicable).

Personalizing Lean and Leader Standard Work

I have also produced a Lean in Healthcare training series with various tips and techniques for both the medical and research audiences. This workshop series contains 22+ hours of curated workshops and one-on-one training with directors, managers and team leaders in the healthcare setting. My goal is to keep Lean simple and give your staff tools to streamline their daily work and coach a problem-solving army. You can learn more about my approach to Leader Standard Work on my iDoGrants Blog.

  • Introduction to Lean
    Fundamentals and Mindset
  • Leader Standard Work
    and Success Metrics
  • Integrating Leader Standard
    Work into Your Daily Routine
  • Train the Lean Trainer
    and Keys to Sustainability
  • Individual 1:1 Questions & Leader
    Standard Work Revisions
  • Where Lean and Project
    Management Planning Meet
  • Group Check-In:
    Where are the problems?
  • Group Check-In:
    What revisions have you made?
  • Group Check-In:
    Is it painful or second nature?
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