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Lets Work Together

As a Research Administrator, I help students, scientists, staff, and faculty develop and manage their research programs and to publish the results of that research to the public.

My Services

Editing Services

(Abstracts, Book Chapters, Grant Proposals, Marketing Materials, Medical Editing, Product and Package Labels, Presentations, and Scientific Editing)

Publication Services

(Research Development, Literature Searches, Journal Cover Letters, Journal Formatting, Target Journal Recommendation, Journal Submission, Medical Writing, Annotated Bibliographies)

Grant Services

(Identify Grant Opportunities, Strategic Planning for Grant Funding, Specific Aims Evaluation, Proposal Evaluation, Grant Consulting, Grant Reviews, Proposal Development, Grant Submission)

Seminars & Workshops

(Online Science Writing Courses, Writing Workshops, Healthcare Lean Philosophy Training, Research Administration Coaching, Academic Career Development)

Junior Faculty and Career Development Services

(One-on-One Consultations, Proposal Consultation, Career Assessment, and Goal Setting)

Graphics & Illustration

(Figure and Illustration Services, Journal Cover Design, Chart/Figure Formatting, Basic Science Illustrations)

How it Works

Simply email your document or submit it online to receive a free cost estimate for my services. Upon request, I can even guarantee that the cost of your order will not exceed the estimated price.

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Corporate Discounts

I offer scientific editing discount programs for organizations, universities, and institutions who wish to support the publication and fundraising efforts of their members, faculty, or staff.

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Private Training & Coaching

Offer a truly unique approach to your professional development. A research writing and business strategy mentor experience which allows you to explore possibilities, identify blocks, gain clarity and purpose, and achieve a productive and enriching academic life. Your career has already been a spectacular roller-coaster ride, but what’s next? Each session will help you recognize what you really want and how to make it happen. Ultimately, acquiring a multifaceted set of tools to face academic life with renewed motivation and excitement. You’ll be shocked by the new you. And the best part? It was who you were all along.

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Group Training & Coaching Series

Offer opportunities to uncover new facets of your research productivity while enriching your business strategy with a strategic group of like-minded people. Group sessions include in-person workshops, virtual workshops, and in-person/virtual group coaching sessions.

Corporate Partnerships

Rely on mission-driven solutions to support the complete professional and patient journey and to create lasting growth and productivity. Together, I’ll empower a thriving community of academic researchers. Corporate impact services may include in-person workshops, virtual workshops, and in-person/virtual coaching sessions.

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